USP and EMEF Rosangela R. Vieira school launch campagin on active mobility and sidewalks in São Paulo

In 2021, a team at the University of São Paulo (USP) started the development of a campaign on active mobility in the context of the project “The (un)sustainability of our everyday: services, urban commons and digital tools aimed at mobility in the city“, in response to a call for proposals around “Learning in the City” from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at USP.

The project aims to articulate concepts, methods and tools to address sustainable urban mobility and includes participation from professors and students from the Environmental Management, Public Policy Management and Information Systems majors. Through the application of innovative teaching-learning approaches and practices based on university and community interaction, activities were developed in partnership with the Elementary School (EMEF) Profa. Rosangela Rodrigues Vieira, located in the East Zone of São Paulo.

To explore possibilities of using digital tools for data collection designed for participatory monitoring processes, we held a series of co-creation workshops in 2021 with EMEF professors and EACH students and professors. Using the Monitorando a Cidade/Promise Tracker methodology, we designed a campaign that aims to evaluate the state of conservation of public sidewalks around the school and how it impacts active mobility.

In this campaign, teams from USP and the EMEF school community aim to gather geo-located data on movement around the school and incorporate elements of social organizing, promotion of active citizenship and knowledge sharing among participants.

An account of this ongoing initiative can be found in episode 3 of the Sustainability and Mobility podcast (in Portuguese).

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