Office of the Comptroller General publishes results from one year of monitoring school lunches

Over the years, the Promise Tracker team has had the pleasure of accompanying the groundbreaking Monitoring School Lunches project, created by a partnership between the Office of the Comptroller General (CGU), the Accounting Sciences Department at the Federal University of Pará and the Social Observatory of Belém. The project has been a key model for our network and a source of learnings around the power of cross-sector partnerships and social organizing to catalyze and maintain active participation in citizen monitoring processes.

Implemented in 2017, the Monitoring School Lunches project incorporated use of the Promise Tracker app as part of a program that engaged students from 16 public schools in Belém in the evaluation of the quality of school lunches offered. The initiative took inspiration from the school lunch monitoring campaign organized by the Student Movement Pact for Education in Pará and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Santarém in 2016.

A new piece published by CGU outlines the structure and implementation of the project and shares results collected by students, among them several improvements in school lunches for some schools.

Graphics from the CGU report –

Check out the results and read more about the project in CGU’s article.

It is an honor to have members of this team on our Promise Tracker Governance Committee and as collaborators in the process of supporting and improving the platform. We look forward to following their work and continuing to learn from their achievements.


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