Tribute to Eliana Mara

In 2021, one of our great partners and mentors, Professor Eliana Mara, left us early. Eliana was a high school math teacher in the public school system in Santarém, Pará for 23 years. Creator and coordinator of Project SOL for 17 years — a program developed by youth in public schools with the aim of fostering volunteerism, social oversight and civic participation — she also created the Student Movement Pact for Education in Pará. Together with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Pará, the Movement used the Promise Tracker app as part of groundbreaking campaigns to promote discussion and solutions to local issues such as school lunches. Learn more about the amazing work of the Student Movement in this video.

Our friends and Governance Committee members Ivan Costa (civil servant for the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Pará and president of the Social Observatory of Belém) and Marcelo de Paula (coordinator of the Center for Social Outreach and Corruption Prevention – CGU-PA) and the school community of Santarém organized a well-deserved tribute to our dear Eliana in an event that took place on December 9th, on International Anti-Corruption Day.

Our simple tribute below dedicates the recent award received by Promise Tracker to her. May her example serve as an inspiration for us to sustain and grow her legacy.

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