Promise Tracker wins first place for Bank of Brazil Foundation’s Social Technology Prize

At the final ceremony for the Bank of Brazil Foundation’s 2021 Social Technology Awards, held on December 2nd, Promise Tracker won first place for the Digital Innovation category. In addition to this category, the 2021 edition of the award featured categories for Sustainable Cities, Education for the Future, and Environment and Income.

The award included 1 trophy and 1 video for each project that made it to the final round for their category. In addition, cash prizes were awarded of R$ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand reais) for first place and R$ 50,000.00 (fifty thousand reais) for the other 2 finalists in each category.

The Bank of Brazil Foundation’s Social Technology Award was created in 2001 and is an important tool for identifying and certifying social technologies in Brazil. Held every two years, it aims to identify, certify, fund and disseminate social technologies that have already been implemented at a local, regional or national level, and which effectively address issues related to food, education, energy, housing, environment, water resources, income and health.

You can browse the full database of certified social technologies here check out the Promise Tracker project page in the database here!

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