Celebrating all who have helped shape Promise Tracker over the years

Fruit of the labor of so many, Promise Tracker is the result of 6 intense years of dialogue, relationship building, experimentation, some successes and always much learning. Throughout the various stages of its development, from the creation of the prototype to the implementation of collaborative data collection campaigns on a national scale, we can say that the heart of the project has been people working in networks, people who, in their cultural diversity and plurality of ideas, sought to build bridges for understanding of how to take on issues of common interest. Critical thinkers who strive to move beyond critique and proactively towards collaborative solutions.

We’re extending here our congratulations and gratitude to all those who have participated in workshops, meetings and conversations. For all who sought to overcome limits of access to technology to install and use the platform. Greater thanks still go to those who were frustrated and yet helped us to improve. 

We also thank those who saw us as possible experimentation partners within their organization or movement, innovative and resilient individuals who worked to advance and overcome the democratic setbacks experienced in many countries around the world. These people have our great admiration and have taught us much about the value of collaboration, transparency and trust in the collective.

A special thanks to educators across a wide range of disciplines and life experiences. It’s an honor for Promise Tracker to have been a tool of exploration for you and your students. Thank you for facilitating learning processes and for working towards a better understanding of reality through the multiplicity of data and information it presents. 

Over the years we have experienced losses and great transformations. We are grateful for the privilege of having collaborated with such incredible people, who have left a profound legacy in building a better society. We hope that your examples will provide the inspiration and strength necessary for a future that challenges us to achieve greater social cohesion in caring for the collective. 

Thank you!

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