A new home for Promise Tracker in Brazil

After 4 years of collaborative development under the umbrella of the Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab, Promise Tracker is officially venturing out to establish a new project home. As use of the platform has taken off in Brazil since its launch in 2015, members of the Governance Committee and active users have felt an increasing need for the project to have its technical and management roots closer to the heart of the project and the context in which it’s being implemented.

As the committee discussed possible future homes for the project, we considered the sustainability and longevity of the umbrella institution, available technical infrastructure and the importance of a space that respects and welcomes a diversity of people, ideas and opinions. These criteria were met by the University of São Paulo’s CoLab, who has been a key collaborator since the early phases of the project and can play an ongoing research and technical support role.

As I leave MIT this spring, I will stay on as Support Lead for Promise Tracker, making the transition of its technical platform to the University of São Paulo servers and continuing to steward the process of development, exchange & future visioning as a member of the Governance Committee.

The Committee is very excited for the next phase and we believe deeply that the success and relevance of Promise Tracker have roots in our collective commitment to investing in long-term relationships as collaborators, seeking out cross-sector partnerships, and our passion for sharing, learning and growing together in order to make transformation a reality in our daily lives.

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